Cracked Wheat is a Canadian Clothing Company offering Ladies’ Golf Apparel.  Their mission is to offer “versatile women’s sportswear, blending fashion and function.” I would like to point out their fashion firsts, mixing patterns and bold colors. Cracked Wheat are one of the first companies I have seen use two separate patterns on a top and mixing that with a pattern yet on the bottom. This company is very fashion forward.

Another reason Cracked Wheat was recommended to us here at Golf 4 Less, was their ability to acknowledge what other golf apparel companies seem to sometimes forget; women of many shapes, ages, and sizes play golf. They come in sizes ranging from 2-22. Also, their clothing is cut differently. The bottoms run longer and fuller and tops are not as fitted and other brands. The patterns allow a woman to look really well put together. The feedback we have received after getting our first shipment has been so great we have ordered more! Stop in and see what Cracked Wheat has to offer!