One of the most challenging aspects of golf is consistency. Why can I do something one day but not the next? It's really an amazing sport when you think about it. So many things have to lineup to hit the ball right in the middle the face and have a solid shot. It's so easy to get off track.

Try really hard to have a consistent routine and a consistent pace. That means you do the same thing at the same speed and in the same way each and every time. When you go to the driving range to practice don't just be balls one after another. Take your time do your normal practice routine set up to the ball like you were on the golf course etc. You want to try and develop that routine on the range because The more times you practice it the better you'll be at it.

When you do have a bad day and something doesn't quite feel right or your rhythm seems a little off just keep working and fighting through it. Try to play smart maybe a little more conservative than you normally might and leave yourself in good spots and maybe lean on your short game a little more. Another good word of advice always leave about half your practice time to work on your short game that way when these off days come about, you're able to save pars at bogeys and still shoot a good score.