Should I spend my money on lessons or try to buy a game with new clubs? I feel this is a question that many of our customers have. They’re really not sure where to best invest to improve their game.

The key is to find a professional that can work with you and help you put together a plan.

Clubs can only take you so far. I’ve had customers come in with fairly new, properly fit clubs wanting to buy the latest and greatest with the hopes of buying a game. Often times the clubs aren’t the problem but rather they need help with their swing.

Lessons can help but…. If you’re using old, outdated, ill-fit equipment you will be limited. If you’re in the mindset that your Ping Eye 2 irons with stiff shafts from 1982 are still the right clubs for you it’s time for a club assessment. Generally speaking to keep up with technology and adjust to any fitting changes you should be looking at clubs every 5 years or so.

I’m proud to say that I give my customers an honest assessment. I don’t sell clubs that aren’t needed or force lessons onto them if their mechanics are sound. We offer free club fittings with no obligation.

If you would like to have your clubs or your game assessed, come see me at Golf 4 Less. I can help you develop a plan for improvement.