At our Golf 4 Less Sun City West location, we find that the golfgrip is one of the most misunderstood opportunities with students takinggolf lessons. Positioning and pressure are two very important components of aproper swing. Below you will find our easy to understand tip for staying on topof your game.

When it comes to position, nearly all of my new students Iteach have either one or both hands turned outward on the side of the grip sothat when they look down, they can see the grip. My recommendation is to turnyour left-hand to the right side of the grip and the right-hand needs to comeout on top of the left hand and be positioned more towards the left side of thegrip. This will give you a stronger, more powerful swing and improve youroverall accuracy.

With regards to pressure, most of my students tell me theywant to have a light hold on the club. This will lead to tension in the armsand ultimately slow down the speed of the club, shortening your distance. Ourhands are the only attachment to the club and therefore need to hold it moresecurely. On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the tightest grippossible, I teach my students that a seven or eight is ideal. This willallow you to have a secure hold on the club while letting your wrists and armsmove fast and free thus creating more power.

If you need some help improving your golf game, don’thesitate to give us a call. We offer golf lessons with our in-store Sky TrackGolf Simulator throughout the week at our Sun City West location. Give usa call today at (623) 584-8393.