Last night I decided to hit a few wedges into the net at our Golf 4 Less location in Glendale. On my third shot, as I swing through the ball, I felt a sharp pop in my right side. Immediately knew that I had done something to injure myself and that it was not going to be just a quick recovery. I was very disappointed as I had a golf game scheduled for the next morning. In my younger days I probably would have shown up to the golf course and try to muscle my way through the round, but the end result would've been more damage and a longer recovery time. I did show up to the golf course but it was to tell my playing partners what had happened and that I was not gonna be able to play. As I've aged, I've learned that you have to let yourself heal. I highly recommend this advice to any athlete out there, whether young or old. Don't push yourself and cause more problems.