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Golf Club Fitting in Sun City West, AZ

Custom club fitting is widely recognized by golf professionals and PGA Professionals as an integral part of their performance on the course and a key component of their game improvement plan. Players of every level can benefit from FREE custom fitting, and at Golf 4 Less, we strive to provide the highest level of FREE club fitting and customer service available in the Phoenix area.
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, you can benefit from custom fitting. Our process is simple! Using a state of the art technology, we carefully measure and calibrate the player’s swing dynamics and pair that data with the performance features of select equipment. This will create a unique club that will improve on-course performance! We explain the player’s swing in relation to the variations in golf club head geometry, design, and shaft profiles as a part of the FREE club fitting process. Based on sound golf swing fundamentals, we identify fitness and swing issues that can influence the fitting process.
You can count on us to analyze every unit of data available to ensure you play better golf! Everyone from the beginner to the advanced player can improve their ball striking by knowing the clubs they play with are selected with their swing in mind, verses needing to change their swing to fit a club's length or shaft flex.

Golf Club Repair in Sun City West, AZ

Need to have your golf club repaired? We have you covered. Bring it down to the shop and we will take a look at what needs to be done! Our experts are standing by to make sure you can get back out on the course as quickly as possible!
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Club Repairs
  • High degree of craftsmanship
  • Incredibly quick turnaround time
  • Wealth of club repair experience
  • Competitive pricing
grip pricing
Installation Per Grip (Charge Included) $2.00
Club Grips
Golf Pride Tour Wrap Standard & Under $8.00
Golf Pride Tour Wrap Midsize $9.00
Golf Pride Tour Wrap Oversize $10.00
Golf Pride CP2 Standard & Undersize$12.00
Golf Pride CP2 Midsize$13.00
Golf Pride CP2 Jumbo$14.00
Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Standard$14.00
Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Midsize$15.00
Winn Dritac Standard & Lady $10.00
Winn Dritac Midsize $11.00
Winn Dritac Oversize $12.00
Putter Grips
Superstroke Ultra Slim 1.0 $26.00
Superstroke Mid Slim 2.0 $27.00
Superstroke Slim 3.0 $28.00
Superstroke Fatso 5.0 & 3.0XL $29.00
Winn ProX Putter 1.18 Standard $27.00
Winn ProX Putter 1.32 Midsize $28.00
Winn ProX Putter 1.60 Oversize $29.00
Standard Putter Grip $17.00
Midsize Putter Grip $18.00
Oversize Putter Grip$19.00
Neverbend $24.00
Club Repairs
Install Customer Grip $3.00 Per Club
Save Grip $3.00 Per Club
Reshaft $15.00 + Materials
Pull & Save Shaft $10.00 Per Club
Shorten Club $4.00 Per Club
Lengthen Club $9.00 Per Club
Loft / Lie Adjust $6.00 Per Club
Reset Head / Ferrule $9.00 Per Club
Club Fittings
30 Minute Iron Fitting $30*
30 Minute Wood Fitting $30*
60 Minute Full Set Fitting $50*
*Fees Waived with Purchase of Clubs*